SBS Announces New Keynote Speaker: Vince Papale

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Kraig Kramers, the original Keynote Speaker for SBS Group’s 7th Annual Client Summit, will not be able to make either of the Summit events due to a last-minute issue.

Taking his spot will be Vince Papale, who many people will recognize as the former Philadelphia school teacher and coach who overcame immense odds to become a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, depicted the 2006 film, Invincible, based off Papale’s book of the same name.

Now traveling as a top motivation speaker, Papale engages audiences with his energy, enthusiasm, and wit while discussing a variety of topics such as, health & wellness, education & higher learning, leadership, motivation, and teambuilding. He has captivated audiences from dozens of organizations, including the US Army, Disney, the NFL, and the American Lung Association.

Make sure to register and attend SBS Group’s 7th annual Client Summit in New Jersey to experience Vince Papale, in what people call “…enjoyable, enlightening, inspirational and fun!” For more information on the SBS Group Client Summit, you can view our Summit event page and make sure to check out Vince Papale!

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