How Technology Helps One Non-Profit Long-Term Care Provider Do More

Not-for-profit organizations usually work on tight budgets and must show fiscal transparency with grant funding and donations from their membership.  Hattie Larlham Care Group, a family of non-profits, also needed a powerful solution to manage multiple general ledgers, as well as manage intercompany transactions.  They chose Microsoft Dynamics® GP to keep their financials in order so that they could spend more time serving others and less time managing the books.

The Hattie Larlham Care Group includes multiple long term care centers that serve people with disabilities.  They, like many other businesses that have several locations, must maintain a general ledger for each facility and a corporate ledger.  There are times when they may shift resources between facilities, for example, employees may work at several locations, excess inventory may be transferred from one location to another, and other assets or resources may be moved around.  Sharing resources can save money for the corporation but often creates a paperwork nightmare.  Each shift in resources requires a general ledger entry at the originating location and a corresponding entry at the destination location.  Typically that requires a person at each location sharing data and making a transaction in their respective general ledgers.  There is a risk for lost or erroneous data and the ledgers may not balance, creating an even bigger nightmare of trying to figure out why.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that Hattie Larlham Care Group chose to manage their financials.  They use Microsoft Dynamics GP as their complete general ledger package for each of their long-term care centers and corporate general ledger.  They are able to pay their bills, manage purchasing, reconcile bank statements, and create important financial reports from this integrated solution.  The best part of using Microsoft Dynamics GP is that when they do share resources from one site to another, they can make one entry that automatically affects all appropriate accounts.  Jeff Felter, the Hattie Larlham Care Group Controller, indicated that the solution keeps everything in balance, which not only saves valuable time, it also provides peace of mind.

The Hattie Larlham Care Group can now spend more time with their patients and less time managing the books.  The specialists at Socius can provide more information about the time-saving features in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Contact Socius to see how the right technology can help you focus on your mission as a non-profit and not get side-tracked managing the books.

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