Look to the Future Without Getting Stuck in the Past

Coordinating changing customer demands with production and managing a strong supply chain can be tricky.  However, this balancing act is necessary for remaining competitive and profitable in the manufacturing industry.  Don’t get stuck in the past when planning for the future.  Increase visibility into your operations and your supply chain, as well as anticipate changing demands with an innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

There’s no real way to “know” what your customers are going to purchase from you next month or next year, but you can make predictions.  Many businesses rely on historical data to predict a customer’s upcoming needs, but that is not a reliable way to plan production or procurement.  There are going to be shifts in customer demand and you don’t want to be stuck with excess inventory or experience a lack of cash flow while you adapt to changing demands.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Solution offers greater visibility and the agility to respond faster to changing customer behaviors.  This integrated solution will connect all of your business operations so that you can manage shorter product life cycles, which will make it easier to adjust to changing demands.  Getting your products in and out of your facility quickly is not only impressive for customers, it saves you money.  The key is having real time data to use up the inventory you have in-house, order what you need, and get your finished product out the door faster.  Tight inventory control and strong supply chain relationships will protect you from getting stuck with obsolete inventory and being unable to fulfill new customer orders.

Business intelligence features within Microsoft Dynamics GP will aid in identifying trends in customer behavior and product lines.  You can watch what is selling well, discover the items that aren’t selling as well as predicted, then adjust your operations to respond to these trends.  Save money by letting obsolete products dwindle off the shelves and take advantage of bulk purchase cost savings for the hot products.

Strengthening inventory management and supply chain relationships, streamlining operations, and using a powerful solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP will make it easier to respond to what your customers are asking for.  The experts at Socius can offer more information about the Microsoft Dynamics GP features that can improve productivity and profitability for manufacturers.  Contact Socius to learn how you can make better customer predictions without getting stuck in the past.

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