How Microsoft Dynamics GP Helps You Keep Pace with Supply Chain Trends

supply chain trendsRecently, supply chain analyst Adrian Gonzalez presented 10 top supply chain trends on  If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP or are considering moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP for your distribution or manufacturing organization, you can leverage your ERP solution to keep up with these trends, including:

Business Process Convergence – By reviewing your business processes, you can eliminate inefficient processes while using Dynamics GP to seamlessly integrate inter-company transactions and automate manual processes, increasing their efficiency.

Raw Material Scarcity & Regional and Local Sourcing – When dealing with increasingly scarce or restricted materials, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you easier access to information about vendors, pricing and availability, enabling you to make decisions about where and how you are sourcing your materials quickly and more intelligently.

Predictable Unpredictability – By affecting and enhancing every aspect of your organization, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your organization gain a reputation for being able to consistently “break through barriers to become faster, more cost efficient, and safer.”

Corporate Social Responsibility Becomes Fundamental – With thorough audit and compliance functionality, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your organization match the global move toward social responsibility and align with local or global standards.

Cloud Computing – While many supply chain apps are just starting to become available, Microsoft Dynamics GP has been available through a variety of deployment options including partner hosted and in private clouds for some time.  Additionally, Dynamics GP integrates with online supply chain applications for seamless data processing.

To learn more ways that Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can help you keep pace with supply chain trends and keep your distribution or manufacturing organization ahead of the pack, download our whitepaper “12 Revolutionary Ideas to Fuel Distributor Profits.”

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