The Involuntary IT Manager

Many small businesses require their employees to wear several hats. Usually the person who is the most tech-savvy gets to be the IT manager, even if their best ability is getting each office computer connected to the printer properly. Luckily, the cloud is paving the way for the person who drew the shortest straw to be a productive and efficient IT manager.

In “The cloud allows ‘Involuntary IT Managers’ to increase efficiencies,” posted on the Microsoft SMB Blog on, Cindy Bates suggests that relying on the most tech-knowledgeable person on your team may not be the best way to go about managing IT services. Instead, start with a more reliable business management technology, such as Microsoft Office 365, and let the technology do all the heavy lifting for your involuntary IT manager.

Microsoft Office 365 is a no-muss, no-fuss business management solution that includes cloud-based solutions. It also includes powerful anti-malware and anti-spam protection with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can enter and share important data with your small business team quickly and easily, while you are inside or outside of the office. With a software that can practically run itself, you can give your impromptu IT manager a break. Contact us for more information about Microsoft Office 365 and let your involuntary IT manager get back to business.

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