Distribution Supply Chain Technology: From Order to Invoice

Effectively managing your customer accounts from order-to-invoice is one of the many distribution challenges companies face in today’s instant marketplace. Distributors must conduct supply chain operations with reliable accuracy to maintain profitability. When using an out-of-date, or manual entry system, the inevitable errors that occur can not only cause distribution inefficiencies, but often erode customer confidence, producing significant losses over time.

However, recent innovations in technology have provided customer service solutions for distributors that eliminate distribution challenges and offer benefits by integrating and instantly transferring information automatically. These newly designed software programs are developed specifically to streamline and improve distribution pick, pack, and ship processes.


With an advanced distribution software program, your company can perform fulfillment tasks with precision. Featuring customer service tools such as tailored sales fulfillment workflows, item codes, and pick lists that outline specific customer requirements effortlessly, without adding the burden of manual input, these dynamic new programs allow you to maintain an accurate and rapid fulfillment rate.

Enhanced Tools 

Other tools included in the software eliminate the distribution challenges surrounding specialized orders and distinctive customer demands, allowing you to customize labeling, preparation, and packaging instructions per customer to prevent errors. You may also cross reference your inventory and order placement directories with your customer’s own unique item codes, as well as set customer specific item substitutions, enabling you to provide a more efficient service.

The superior supply chain controls generated by installing new distribution software gives your company the ability to meet and overcome any distribution challenges, and the improved accuracy and enhanced customer service tools featured in these programs not only increase your overall distribution efficiency, they provide methods and techniques that improve transaction visibility, and offer practical service solutions that will develop customer loyalty and ensure sales.

For more information on the best software for your distribution and manufacturing needs, contact one of SBS Group’s industry experts. For over 25 years SBS Group has been providing solutions for over 1800 ERP clients and was recently named as one of the Top 20 Microsoft VARs in the world.

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