Updating ERP Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturing Business Technology, a news source created by a group of professionals that are responsible for purchasing software and IT infrastructure for key manufacturing industries, recently sat down with Melissa Cook, the senior director of Microsoft Dynamics Global Manufacturing, to discuss recent ERP and purchasing trends in the manufacturing industry.

The first topic covered involved obstacles for manufacturing companies to selecting their ERP. Cook suggests that the pace of the manufacturing industry is a main factor stating, “The pace of change is causing companies to be out there looking for new ERP systems …they need something to address very quick changing things like a new opportunity in an emerging market.”

Cook also touched on some of the latest features and functions of ERP software trends. “One of the things that I don’t think people connect with manufacturing is the movement towards social….We’re excited about, what I would like to call The Social Manufacturer. Social has such a wonderful role to play in innovation so manufacturers can stay close to their customers, not to just service them better, but in fact to collect new facts and new ideas from the consumers themselves.”

A major talking point also involved the flexibility of ERP systems in a fast paced and constantly shifting environment. “We’ve got the Dynamics solution which has a lower total cost of ownership, it’s pretty quick to implement, it’s easy to use, it uses a standard Microsoft stack that users are already familiar with and it’s flexible. We call that the multi-everything. It can handle multi-load manufacturing solutions so you can do discrete, whole process or Lean methods…The system is built to enable the unforeseen choices manufacturers are going to make in the future. We think it’s a critical factor for companies to have the ability to change.”

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