Big Jump for Homebuilders Falls Just Shy of July Projections

After a very weak June, where housing starts were down nearly 10%, starts rose sharply in July, but missed their forecast. Although new home construction rose 5.9% in July “…to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 896,000 units”, economists had expected that number “…to rise to a 900,000-unit rate” for July. In addition, homebuilding permits were up 2.7% in July, coming in at a 943,000-unit pace and falling just short of the predicted permit rate of 945,000-unit pace.

The rise in new homes came primarily due to apartment construction, which tends to be volatile. Builders were actually working on fewer single-family homes, which comprise the majority of the new home market. Because of this, the number of permits to build single-family homes also dipped.

The lack of home buying goes back a few months, showing a mortgage rate rise to 4.4%, more than a full percentage point higher than in May. With the expectations that mortgage rates will drop next month, increasing the projections on new home constructions to a 910,000-unit rate.

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