Simple is Better: Introducing the Microsoft Office 365 Licensing Wizard

Microsoft recently upgraded the business version of Office 365. Unfortunately, accessing this upgrade was difficult for most customers. Previously, customers “…had to call Office 365 support, cancel their old subscription and manually reassign their user licenses to the new plan — which, needless to say, was a time-consuming process.”

To fix this issue, Microsoft developed the ‘switch plans wizard’, which allows customers to “…go to the Office 365 admin Web page and click a link, and their user licenses will be automatically moved over to the upgraded Office 365 plan”. By simplifying the upgrading procedures, Microsoft is making it easy for customers to purchase products, while reducing overhead, with just a single click.

The one caveat to using the wizard involves the original purchase of Office 365. Only customers with less than 300 users who purchased Office 365 directly from the Microsoft website will have access to the wizard. “Customers who purchased a boxed copy of Office 365 Small Business or Small Business Premium (or any form of pre-paid card), purchased through a Microsoft volume license, or purchased through a telecom/ISP reseller are not able to use the Switch plans wizard at this time,” according to Microsoft.

These reduced restrictions on licensing make Office 365 a valuable resource, especially for those running Office 2003. As with Windows XP, Office 2003 will be retired on April 8, 2014 so make sure to upgrade your Office software. SBS Group is hosting a free webinar to show you how to make the move from Windows XP to Windows 8. For more updates of Office 365 and all Microsoft Dynamics needs, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join our LinkedIn group.

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