6 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity in Dynamics NAV 2013

Any business management software solution is only as effective as the people using it – and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is very effective!

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes several new features that make the solution more powerful and your people more effective.  However, it also includes many added capabilities that help your people to work more efficiently in the system and therefore enables them to be more productive.

Here are 6 of our favorite productivity enhancements in Dynamics NAV 2013:

  1. Search – Now you can use Search from anywhere in NAV to navigate to any list form or filtered list, enabling your users to access the information they need with very few clicks.
  2. The Action Pane is now the Ribbon – Now that it is aligned with Microsoft standards, the fully customizable Ribbon is more user friendly and familiar to users, helping them navigate through the system quickly and efficiently.
  3. Filter box within a list – By clicking F3 or using the new filter box within each list, users can filter on any data field in the list, simplifying the way that your people view the data they need to do their jobs.  There is also extended filtering capability available with one click.
  4. Fast Tabs – With Fast Tabs, users only see what they need to see.   Users can easily customize which Fast Tabs appear and what appears where on each tab.  Additionally, they can preview the info on the tab before expanding it.  Fast Tabs are a huge time saver by reducing unnecessary clicking and scrolling.
  5. Copy and Paste – Users can now copy and paste multiple rows within an order at one time.
  6. Error Reporting – Stacked error reporting is now at the top of the order window.  You also now have the ability to either click through all errors to be taken to the item that is causing the error or you can use keyboard shortcuts to easily clear-out error items from an order.

See each of these productivity enhancements in action in this 10 minute video:

To see all of “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013,” watch our recent webinar on-demand here.

If you like what you see and would like to discuss upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, contact your Socius Account Manager today!

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