Reporting Wars Highlighted Feature– Business Information Optimization (BIO)

One August 7th, SBS Group will present a comparison between several of the best information reporting tools in the SL-featured webinar, Reporting Wars. Today we take a look at the Business Information Optimization (BIO) feature, provided by BIO Analytics Corp:

BIO for Microsoft Dynamics SL is optimized for the specific functionality and architecture of Dynamics SL. The SL edition of BIO is based on the practical business experience of implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL in several hundred organizations over 20 years.

  • Upon installation, BIO self-configures to your specific Microsoft Dynamics SL set-up, including recognizing your Flex-Key set-ups and Project code files.
  • One of the strengths of the Microsoft Dynamics SL platform is the flexibility of Subaccount reporting by segment. BIO maximizes the value of this flexibility. Segment reporting is available across the enterprise, including both financial and operational reporting. Segments or segment roll-ups can be used in any reporting cube.
  • BIO takes advantage of the Account Class and Ratio Group fields in the Chart of Accounts set-up screen as an easy way to create and maintain account roll-ups.
  • BIO drives tremendous value in project-driven companies. Companies are using BIO to increase profitability and accountability with greater insight into project metrics.
  • BIO provides 360-degree insight into your project profitability. Three of the pre-built cubes provide extensive out-of-the-box analysis of your Microsoft Dynamics SL projects: project profitability analytics, resource analytics, and project billing analytics. Project profitability can vary significantly from day-to-day. Using BIO to track projects and identify variances before they become problems can provide real benefits for any project-driven company.

Make sure to take a look at these features during the Reporting Wars webinar and contact SBS Group for all of your Microsoft Dynamics needs. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and for additional discussions make sure to join our LinkedIn Group.

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