Microsoft Windows XP Retirement

In just over 9 months, Windows XP will be retired by Microsoft. On August 24th, Windows XP will celebrate its 12th and final year of its lifecycle, so Microsoft decided to throw a retirement party for the second most popular Windows operating system. At the same time, Microsoft plans on releasing the Windows 8.1 update. Take a look at the 8 reasons why Windows 8 will fill the void left by XP:

After April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will stop providing support for XP and Microsoft Office 2003. To make the transition easier, SBS Group has created a free webinar hosted by our technical experts to provide the best deployment strategy for your company. Make sure to upgrade your operating system and Office Suite utilizing Microsoft’s free Deployment Toolkit and contact SBS Group, a Certified Microsoft Partner,  for all of your deployment needs.


  1. […] As previously discussed, Windows XP will be retired by Microsoft on April 8, 2014, which is just over 6 months away. Microsoft will end support for the operating system meaning XP users “…will no longer receive critical security updates, leaving gaping holes for attackers to gain access to sensitive files.” According to Holly Stewart, a senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, “Businesses slow to migrate to Windows 7 or Windows 8 could be strapped with implementing costly security measures, and consumers could be exposing themselves to data thieves and other activity…” […]

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