HELP: Windows XP Support ending April 8, 2014

The rumors are true! Microsoft has announced that Windows XP will go out of support on April 8, 2014.

If your organization has not started to prepare for this change, time is running out. According to Microsoft, “the average enterprise deployment can take 18-32 months from business case through full deployment“. That means now is the time to discuss what your migration strategy is.

What does end of support mean to you?

After April 8, 2013- Microsoft will provide no new security updates, no non-security hotfixes, and no free or paid assisted support options. If you decide to run Windows XP in your organization after the end of support date you are opening your company up to security and compliance risks, among many other vulnerabilities.

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  1. […] According to web traffic analysis, “…StatCounter estimates that XP still makes up 21 percent of the worldwide OS market. A recent study conducted by Dimensional Research found that nearly half of the 500 IT professionals it surveyed haven’t completed their migration off of Windows XP. About 16 percent haven’t started.” This is a major concern when factoring in the average enterprise deployment period of 18-32 months. […]

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