Internal & Customer Support Requests Piling Up?

Unless you are an extremely organized IT professional, it probably gets very frustrating staying up to date on internal and customer service requests at your company. Even if completing the service requests isn’t an issue for you, how do you make sure that you are prioritizing them based and severity and status?

You are not alone in these issues! Millions of IT professionals across the world face these same problems every day and need some help in staying organized and on task. SBS Group’s Up in 2 Program for Microsoft SharePoint can help! We created a program that gets your company up and running in just 2 weeks’ time on a fixed-fee, low cost Microsoft SharePoint solution which can solve all of these problems and more! With this program, you will get a SharePoint Help Desk created for your company and will start reaping the benefits in just 2 weeks!

A SharePoint Help Desk is an interface that allows you to manage and track service requests easily through an online portal. It allows you to categorize and prioritize help desk issues so you are sure to take care of the most severe ones first and worry about the lower status ones later. Do your clients or coworkers tend to have the same issues multiple times? With SharePoint’s search functionality, you are able to search for past issues that you have completed so you can solve those same requests much quicker in the future.

Microsoft SharePoint makes putting in a service request a self-service procedure, allowing end users to use a web form to submit them and assign a category and priority level to each request. You can then easily open up the portal to see which items are open, completed, etc. Want to learn more? View this 20 minute On-Demand webinar today and see how much easier your life can get in just 2 weeks!

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