Take Advantage of a Powerful Feature Set in Sage 100: Custom Office

With the introduction of Custom Office and resulting feature set near the end of the version 3.X life cycle, Sage provided a method to fine tune the functions of Sage 100 to more closely match requirements.

Originally an optional purchase, Sage realized the intrinsic value and has made Custom Office an included feature on system purchases of five users or higher. This is retroactive to customers on a current subscription with a five-user system who may have purchased before Custom office was included. Capabilities made possible through Custom Office are strong selling points when comparing ERP systems.

One of the questions we ask our clients is how many spreadsheets are being used to help make business operational decisions. Most often the answer is several. Face it, US business runs on Excel!  At issue is the method for updating the values contained in the spreadsheet. This is usually a manual entry by someone pulling data from the ERP system and keying it into the spreadsheet for further analysis.

By defining and adding user defined fields (columns added in the spreadsheet), then placing those fields on the appropriate input panels (data entry screens) in Sage 100, the basis for business analysis is set.  Rather than rekeying data into the spreadsheet, numerous methods are available to automatically populate the spreadsheet without additional entry. This saves time and mistakes in entry.

Recently one of our clients inquired about a way to streamline creation of the daily sales and upcoming shipment log used in production. Maintenance of this required daily entry to rows in a spreadsheet with information from sales orders and additional columns not available from sales orders. By adding the four or five fields to the appropriate input panels in order entry, then creating a Sage Intelligence report to pull the data, reentry of data was eliminated. Real-time information was available simply by updating the report.

Find out how you can put the benefits of this great feature set to work in your organization today! Contact your account manager for information on how to obtain your free copy.

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