Easy AND Useful – Report That!

There is so much to learn from Sage 100 ERP with the multitude of new graphical dashboard-style reporting and analysis tools. With the power to aggregate essential, real-time information that is normally scattered across multiple departments and people, Dashboards is all about empowering you to run your business more efficiently.

At a glance, users will be able to work more efficiently and with greater agility because of the many benefits offered:

  • The ability to customize information to only include what is vital – No more digging through useless data to get to the information that matters, now you can tailor your dashboard to reduce the quantity and focus on the quality of information.
  • Quickly find Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Management relies on these financial and non-financial metrics to evaluate progress and set goals. You can easily answer the question of what matters most to your business success.
  • Feel more confident and informed when making decisions – Dashboards gives you the power to make smarter decisions with quick and easy access to important information within your reporting system so you can be more assured that you are making the right choices.
  • Gather real-time data – Notice and correct any problems BEFORE they get out of hand and without the need to wait for a technical person to help you out.
  • Dashboards compliment your existing reporting system – Not only do these tools work with your existing structure, but because they are so user-friendly, there is no more calling IT to help make any changes with your reports.

Just like looking at the dashboard on your car, Sage 100 ERP Dashboards let you know how all of the parts of your company are working together with just one glance. In Dashboards, your raw data is converted into bite-sized pieces of visual graphs and charts that make opportunities and threats much easier to spot. Work smarter and with more agility with the new Sage 100 ERP reporting system.

Contact us to discuss a strategy for putting dashboards to work for you and create reports that help you to work smarter!

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