Executive Management Update: Get Your IT Systems in Shape for Summer!

Long time SBS Group clients know that June is the busiest month of the year thanks to Microsoft’s fiscal year end. It is also hectic because many new clients are driving toward their “go-lives” in July. This year we find ourselves operating at levels we haven’t seen since 2008 as the investment our clients are making in their systems grows.

The investments you are making mirror in many ways the ones SBS Group is undertaking for its internal systems too. How do you streamline workflows, share data more efficiently, and enable more mobility in your system access? What can you do to make all of your unstructured data such as documents, notes, and audio/video recordings readily available and searchable?

This year, we’ve been working on a number of investments in these areas. Our new electronic signature capability is a great example of streamlining workflows and enabling more mobility in our system. With the ability to sign a document from a workstation, laptop or tablet, we can reduce processing delays and save the environment too.

Many of our team members are now using Microsoft OneNote to enable more efficient note taking as well as collaborative sharing of such information. When coupled with their new Windows 8 tablets and ultrabooks from Lenovo or Microsoft’s Surface, they can take written notes as if they were carrying around a regular notebook. Although the idea sounds simple, users adapt quickly to sharing their OneNote notebooks enabling unstructured data to become global.

To make our audio/video recordings more accessible, we’ve redesigned our website to include a revamped media center to enable you to get more on demand content when you want. You’ll find our complete webinar series on line along with training videos and more. We’ll also be doubling down on our audio/video production through the remainder of 2013 to bring you more relevant content to maximize the return on your system investments.

Our system investments however aren’t all as visible as our new media center. We’ve enhanced our disaster recovery plan to include failover capabilities at our new Ohio data center. In June we’ll also be completing our lockbox integration to Dynamics SL to streamline our payment processing workflow. We have also completed an upgrade to SL 2011 FP1. We’ve begun work on our migration to Sharepoint 2013 and enhancing a number of our internal Sharepoint applications. Our Dynamics CRM system is also undergoing a major upgrade to the current rollup and we just completed integration of Core Motive’s marketing automation solution.

I share this with you to let you know first, that SBS Group uses many of the same systems and tools you do. We use what we recommend and that gives us firsthand experience to share with you. Secondly, like you, we are continuously improving our systems and must do so balancing budgets, time, and organizational priorities. So we understand what the factors are you must consider and the process you must go through to ensure your technology investment is well spent. More important, I share this with you to demonstrate that we are forever looking at ways to better serve our clients’ needs, to continue to earn their trust and the opportunity to help them.

I can’t tell you enough how excited I get when you share with me how the SBS Group team has performed. Good, bad, or indifferent, your feedback is vital to our success. Take a moment and email me at jbowman@sbgroupusa.comwith your SBS Group story. If you want to speak directly, dial my line at 732-476-5906 . Finally, thank you for the continued opportunity to work with you and your business. Every member of the SBS Group family is thankful for that opportunity.

Enjoy the month!

James Bowman
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