Benefits of Inventory Management in Residential Homebuilding

Controlling inventory on a residential home building project can maximize the profit made on the project while also keeping waste to a minimum. Using an automated system with a built-in inventory function can make this process quick and easy.

During the planning phase, the project manager can estimate the amount of materials needed to complete the house. With an inventory management system in place, data from past projects allows him or her to make accurate estimates for future ones. The inventory system can also track extra materials on hand. The project manager can deduct this extra material from the order to keep inventory levels low between projects.

Tracking inventory delivery allows the project manager to schedule tradesmen to come in and do the work needed. This can keep the project time line on schedule.

Once purchased materials come in to the job site and workers begin using it, continual use of an inventory control system can alert the homebuilding manager to potential material shortfalls. This alert will give the project manager time to get more materials to the job site before the work stops. This inventory control will also show if materials go missing due to theft.

Using a homebuilding solution with built-in inventory allows tracking of scrap as well. Tracking scrap on a residential homebuilding project can show if workers use material efficiently. Cutting down on the scrap produced will keep material costs under control.

Inventory management in residential homebuilding offers many benefits to builders. With solid inventory data from past projects, estimating future projects is easier, scheduling deliveries allows for easier scheduling of tradesmen, tracking on-site inventory prevents material shortfalls and minimizes loss due to theft and reducing scrap on the job site keeps down material costs. To learn more about SBS Group’s Homebuilding solutions, contact SBS Group here or call 888.725.2555.

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