3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Project Management Solution

Project management software makes the running and managing of projects, whether large or small, less stressful and more successful while also saving on costs. Professional Services firms have embraced project management software as projects have become more complex, and collaboration with partners, clients and a distributed workforce have become a common requirement in project execution.

If you are reevaluating your current systems, it pays to ask yourself some tough questions about your current solutions and whether or not they have kept pace with your requirements.

3 Questions to ask when choosing software:

1. Does your project management solution integrate easily with existing business technology?

Often data from multiple business applications is required to get a big picture view of your business. In the professional services world, there is increasing demand for integration with content management systems, CRM, client portal applications, and production systems. In addition, users expect intuitive interfaces that require minimal training to get up and running. Providing a familiar interface and seamless integration results in higher adoption rates and increased productivity.

2. Are you concerned about the ability of your existing system to fit future business needs?

Business growth, new markets and new client requirements all create demands on your business information systems. Many systems are either too generic or have failed to keep up with the changing needs of the project based professional services market – lacking functionality to address the unique processes and challenges of delivering services in a project based environment. From resource management and project planning to contract and change order management, managing project finances and client billings, your project management system needs to be able to address critical processes throughout the lifecycle of a project.

3. Do you have difficulty generating the reports you need to make vital business decisions quickly and easily? In order to adapt successfully to changes in today’s market and make better, faster business decisions you need complete, up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible information. Your project management system should provide robust reporting and business intelligence tools that give you access to timely data across areas like project management, resource optimization, client relationship management, sales and marketing, finance and accounting.

We would love to hear your thoughts on evaluating project management systems.

What are the key features and benefits that you look for in project management solutions? What changes in your business are driving the need to evaluate your systems?

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