Construction Technology Leaves You More Time to Hit the Back Nine

By: Carolyn Chasteen, Construction Industry Expert – SBS Group Denver

Managing even a minor construction project can be extremely overwhelming, especially without the proper support systems in place. However, in this time of advanced technology, there is usually a technological solution for whatever issues may arise, such as construction management software.

To begin, once you have allocated a suitable location for your project and have all of your plans and blueprints in place you will have to contact the building department to acquire the proper permits and licenses. Unlike a short time ago, when someone had to physically visit each office to obtain the proper permits and licenses needed for jobs, today’s software allows you to do much of this online.

Once you have a plan, it is time to sit down with all of your subcontractors, managers and your crew to outline the project with them and discuss any concerns that your team may have with the project. Throughout the project you will need to meet with your crew to ensure that they maintain the original budget. During these steps, having a construction technology in place will help your business greatly as it will help you track all costs incurred by your crew.

With all of this new software available, many construction managers and project leaders may not be sure if this type of technology is a good fit for their company or project. However, with all of the technology available today, you are sure to find one that is suitable and meets your needs. These types of software are completely versatile and can handle every aspect of your project.

By implementing a technology like this, your business will gain complete control over the operation from beginning to end including critical areas such as:

• Job Cost Estimation
• Project Management
• Accounting
• Payroll
• Proposals
• License and Permit Applications
• Building Design
• Job Site Organization
• Time Management
• Communication
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