Dynamics CRM Becomes More Engaging

Social Engagement with Microsoft CRMIn this age of engagement, organizations that want to reach new customers while differentiating their brands, driving market excellence and making the most of their investments are increasingly adopting integrated marketing management strategies to accomplish these goals.  If you are one of these companies, you’re in luck!

Microsoft has announced two new tools that can be leveraged through Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help you engage with new and existing customers:

MarketingPilot 15 is the newest release of a recently acquired Microsoft technology which is an online marketing management solution.  Through its simplified user experience, familiar look and feel, and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MarketingPilot can help you understand your customers better, get unprecedented control over and insight into budgets and resources, and get real results through automated, measurable multi-channel campaigns.  It can be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise as well as Dynamics CRM Online and will be available later this month.  Learn more about MarketingPilot 15

Netbreeze is a social monitoring tool that provides the ability to analyze and act on market intelligence from social conversations.  The newly acquired Microsoft technology is unique in that it delivers cutting-edge native language analytics along with data mining, transactional and text analysis capabilities that measure sentiment across a wide array of social channels that are seamlessly embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.    The monitoring and intelligence gained through Netbreeze will be available to all Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.  Learn more about Netbreeze

Both of these tools simply add to the already industry leading customer engagement capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  See examples of how other businesses are using the solution to engage and succeed by downloading our whitepaper “24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics® CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers.”

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