How the Cloud Can Help You Get Your New Business Off of the Ground

Start-ups and entrepreneurship is booming and that boom is being supported by the availability of enterprise level applications and technology at reasonable and predictable prices in the Cloud.

In a recent study by Rackspace, 43% of respondents who had launched their businesses in the last 3 years said that the availability of cloud-based resources made it “a lot easier” to set up business while almost 50% stated that cloud solutions helped position their organization to compete with larger businesses.

How do Cloud IT solutions actually help new businesses get off the ground?  The Cloud empowers a start-up to ramp up quickly and scale as needed without demanding a huge upfront investment in a IT environment.  It also frees you from the distraction of dealing with IT issues, enabling you to focus on the core of your business, all while giving access to solutions to anyone who needs it, anytime, anywhere.

The entrepreneurs surveyed confirmed that they had experienced these benefits, and more.  Here are the results:

Cloud Benefits for Start Ups

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Source:  Cloudtalk, February 28, 2013

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