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Time is money, and if your organization is still struggling with time tracking and payroll via manual punch cards, you are missing out on a major chance to turn wasted time into a higher bottom line. There are countless chances for errors that include employees not clocking in on time, illegible time cards, mistakes when manually entering time card information into a spread sheet, and much more. Not to mention that once the time is done in and recorded, it is time to manually calculate pay rates, taxes, and benefits. Most companies find that their number one reason for workforce and payroll leakages is a lack of a proper workforce management system. If you feel like you are stuck in a time and payroll rut, take some time to look over what an automated workforce manager can do for your time and attendance tracking and payroll processing.

What is Automated Workforce Management?

An automated workforce management system basically consists of digital time clock software that electronically records and tracks employee time via employee ID badges. This time clock replaces your old time sheets/cards with a quicker and easier process.

You can program your time clock with employee information so it can automatically perform payroll and other calculations to be easily transferred to your payroll system. In many cases, this means that a payroll clerk is no longer necessary. This system has been shown to cut the average payroll preparation time by up to 80%.

Your system is always up-to-date with labor data that can be used to better estimate project time lines. Manufacturing companies can identify production issues before they become bigger problems with this type of information.

Incredible Long-Term Growth

The benefits that are available in the long-run are greatly outweighed by the upfront cost of the system. Having access to real-time data that is automatically updated into your system will help your company’s management make better decisions on payroll, compensation, benefits, and with your overall operations.

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Contact us to learn more about time collection and payroll automation and improving your business’ bottom line through an automated workforce management system.

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