FAST Search is Free in SharePoint 2013

By far, the question I’ve been asked more since the launch of  SharePoint 2010 is “what is the difference between SharePoint Search or FAST Search and which should I be using?”.  Once they understood the differences, many people then wondered why they should have to pay more for top-quality search functionality.

Those questions are now moot!  Microsoft has taken about 80% of the FAST Search functionality which was most commonly used in SharePoint 2010 and have embedded it into the new SharePoint 2013 Search platform.

The more advanced search options leveraging the most functionality from FAST Search is available through the SharePoint 2013 Enterprise CAL.  The Standard CAL has a subset of the FAST Search tools integrated into the new search functionality.

If you are currently using SharePoint 2010 Search, you’ll notice some new query and navigation capabilities out-of-the-box when you upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

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