Social CRM = Productive Sales People

Nucleus Research announced on Twitter that the results of their Market Focus survey showed that sales people are 11.8% more productive when social features are added to their CRM solution.

So what does this mean for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users?

It means that you can expect more from your sales people because they are being equipped with ever increasing social features in the CRM solution they use every day.

In November, Dynamics CRM 2011 added Activity Feeds that allow you to “Follow” records of interest to you and see a timeline of the changes to those records on multiple “walls” in CRM, just like you would in Facebook.

Those Activity Feeds are becoming even more relevant and easier to use in the Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 Update coming this spring. You can expect to see:

  • The ability to “Like” and “Unlike” posts like you would in Facebook
  • An @me filter that shows a timeline of all posts that mention you like you would use in Twitter
  • The ability to set up filters so that you can see all posts that mention any record in a particular view, regardless of whether you follow all of the records in that view or not
  • An update to the Mobile Activity Feeds application for Windows Phone 7.5


In addition, Microsoft has committed to continually improving the social features of Dynamics CRM and therefore supporting the productivity of sales people using the system well into the future.

If you want to increase your sales people’s productivity by equipping them with social tools like those in Dynamics CRM, get started with a free trial today!

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