Can I Access Dynamics CRM on my iPad/iPhone?

The answer to that question is: you will be able to someday very soon!

This morning, Microsoft published their PreRelease Guide for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 2012 Update. Two of the biggest changes coming in this update are around mobility and browser availability.


With the Q2 2012 Update comes the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, an online service available to Dynamics CRM users for an additional $30 per user per month. A CRM Mobile user can deploy CRM on up to 3 of the following devices:

DeviceOperating System
Windows Phone7.5+
Apple iPhone 3GS+iOS 5+
Google Android2.2+
RIM Blackberry6.x and 7.x
Apple iPad/iPad2iOS 5+

Dynamics CRM Mobile is available in 10 different languages and provides offline access with automatic syncing capabilities. Each Dynamics CRM Mobile user has advanced administrative tools to customize and personalize their own user experience. It has also been designed to adopt the native capabilities of the device. That means that it is optimized for touch and you will have the same capabilities that you would have in other apps on your iPad or iPhone. For example, if you are on the road and need find directions to a customer location, you can simply tap the address in CRM Account record and it will automatically pull up the Google map to the location. Now to call them and let them know you are on your way, just tap the phone number in CRM and it will auto-dial them.

Dynamics CRM Mobile lets you use your devices the way that you always use them to help you work the way you are accustomed to working.

Additional Browsers

In the spirit of empowering you to work the way that you already work, Microsoft has expanded the browsers that Dynamics CRM can be run on to include:


Internet Explorer




Windows 7/Vista/XP

Version 7+

Version 6+

Version 13+

Not Supported

Apple Macintosh OS-X

Not Supported

Version 6+

Not Supported

Version 5.1.1+

iPad 2 (iOS 5.x)

Not Supported

Not Supported

Not Supported

Version 5.1.1+

That means that even if you don’t have a Dynamics CRM Mobile user license, you will be able to access your Dynamics CRM web client on your iPad or iPhone anytime, anywhere.

Be ready to take advantage of the additional features and functionality that will be available in the Q2 2012 Update. Start your Dynamics CRM Online free trial today so that you all set to start using CRM on your iPad or iPhone the day it becomes available this spring!

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