Embed or Link Video into Your PowerPoint Presentations

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, video you insert from your files can now be embedded by default, so you don’t have to include multiple files when sharing your presentation electronically. You can also customize your embedded videos with easy-to-use tools such as video trim, fades, and effects. This can easily be done by going to Insert > Video > Insert Video from file. PowerPoint will then insert the video directly onto your current slide.

Additionally, you can embed a link to video from YouTube in your presentation. To do this, go to Insert > Video > Insert Video from Website – you will then have to insert the link given to you from YouTube. To get this link, go to the YouTube site where the video is, click on the Share button, click on the option Share Old Embedded Code. You can then copy and paste this code into PowerPoint. This will allow you to play this video within PowerPoint without having to go to the YouTube site during your presentation.

Keep in mind that when you embed a video into your presentation, the file size will significantly increase. If you are going to be sending this presentation electronically, you may want to consider linking to the video instead of embedding it. Try this video feature to make your presentations more exciting.

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