Software AND Services at Predictable Prices with Cloud CRM

One of the huge benefits of adopting a CRM solution in the cloud, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, is the predictable payment structure.  The fact that the monthly per user subscription fee includes all routine software maintenance and upgrades is very appealing to many organizations.

However, getting your CRM Software as a Service (SaaS), as cloud solutions are often called, does not mean that all of the services required to use the software are included in the monthly fee.  When you purchase a subscription of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you will need to engage with a certified partner to implement the solution so that you maximize its effectiveness with your business processes.  Those services are not included in your monthly subscription and vary based on the partner you work with and your organization’s needs.

Socius can offer some stability when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online implementation pricing, though. If your needs fall within the parameters of Socius’ rapid implementation process, you can get an instant quote of what the price of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online software plus services would be.  Get your cloud CRM instant quote today! Play with the tool, adjust your numbers, and email yourself a copy of your quote so that you can share your findings with all of your CRM system decision makers.


  1. Christal Pugh says:


    If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying that most cloud based CRM services are not all inclusive. If that is the case are you recommending reading the fine print of what is included versus what is just being advertised? Do you know of any CRM that is absolutely all-inclusive?

    I am trying to learn more about what kinds of cloud-based CRM’s are available. I have my preference towards one particular cloud-based CRM but it is also good to know what else is available.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Rob Kline says:

      I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear. Cloud based CRM services are all inclusive, but the initial implementation services and any services associated with any changes that YOU initiate are not included in your monthly subscription fee. You can sign up for a subscription of cloud CRM and get started on your own without any additional services fees. However, if require data migration, training, customizations, workflow deployment, report customizations, or project planning and development services, those would be additional service fees provided by a software partner.

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