Custom Development Team Builds Standalone Applications for Clients

The Socius Custom Development team creates technology solutions that to align with the unique needs of our clients.  Recently, the team has developed some interesting standalone applications that provide specialized functionality that is not included in the core functionality of our base software solutions. By leveraging the base products’ APIs (Application Programming Interface), they can write applications and provide functionality to a client that is not currently available in the existing application.  Most commonly this need is driven by the client’s business processes being too specific to have sufficient universal demand.  In other cases, such as the Time and Expense module, it is because the existing functionality is cumbersome or impractical for the client needs.

Here are a couple of examples of recent projects where the team has developed a standalone product for clients using different base products:

ERP – The team created a website to provide a place for a distributor’s truck drivers to log the details about their engagements, amount of product used, and inventory adjustment entry for when they fill the truck with chemical solution.  Users log in to the website from anywhere, enter their information, and through Microsoft Dynamics GP web services, the information is properly pushed into their ERP solution.  This application has completely replaced the previous manual/paper method, giving the client instant access to their information.

CRM – The team developed a website that allows a membership organization’s clients to sign up and pay for membership and/or training classes.  An entire custom membership and class entity structure is created in Dynamics CRM with custom entities.  The website uses the CRM API to read the information in CRM and make it available online.  The users can then sign up and the data is saved into CRM through the same API.  Once information is saved to CRM, employees can use all of the robust functionality of CRM to manage the information, plan for class attendance, send out newsletters, etc.  The key piece to understand is that the website does not have its own database, instead it uses CRM, and basically functions as a module of CRM.

Time and Expense in ERP – They’ve created a time and expense website which allows employees to enter their time in a very clean, simple grid format.  It provides dropdowns for project codes, date pickers, and validation.  When timesheets are entered, they are submitted to the ERP system (either Microsoft Dynamics or Sage) through those systems API’s.  This is a very versatile application that several clients are using and we are now selling it as a packaged product.  It cuts down significantly on data entry time (one client went from a 2 day data entry process down to less than 2 hours) and reduces some licensing costs by avoiding buying a full ERP license for every user.

Contact your Socius Account Manager if you are interested in engaging the Custom Development team to build a solution for your business.

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