How Microsoft Used Microsoft Dynamics AX to Help Other Companies

Do you have an aging expense reporting system that employees use? A big company that you might know had a custom built solution that was no longer meeting their needs. Who is the company? Microsoft. What did they do? Microsoft made the decision to use the built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX and its ability to integrate into a two-tier ERP system. Some of the benefits they were able to achieve include:

  • Automated Processes and New Efficiencies
  • Improved Manageability
  • Faster Innovation

One of the great benefits of Microsoft choosing to follow this path is that they have been able to document the transition from a custom built expense system to a repeatable solution and turn it into a feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that will be made available to others.

Download the case study, Microsoft Advances Successful, Two-Tier ERP Strategy with Powerful, New ERP Solution, to find out why Microsoft chose Microsoft Dynamics AX to meet their needs.

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