FRX adding Vertical Lines to a Report

Apparently, every 4 years I get asked this FRx question, “How do you create vertical lines on an FRx report?”  So I am blogging a reminder to myself so that in 2014 I can Google search it and read my own notes.    Well, by then we’ll all be on Management Reporter…Right?  And after my colleagues read this, I better not receive any text message with the subject line “Rookie.”  Ah, the price to pay for working with highly seasoned extremely intelligent consultants.

So how do you create lines that divide columns in FRx?

Step 1:  Open up the “Columns” format you want lines on.

Step 2:  Highlight the Column you want the line to come before then right click and insert a new column.

Step 3:  In the Type row select or type in “FILL”

Step 4:  Column Width  = 1

Step 5:  While in the FILL cell create or select a new Format with shading.  For each column you want the vertical line click on FILL cell and select the “Font Style”

Step 6:  Save the column format and generate the report.

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