GP ODBC Connections on 64-Bit Machines

Some things just have to be learned the hard way.  In my case, it was creating the ODBC connection for a 64-bit install of Dynamics GP 2010.  With the latest versions of GP,  a nice little feature has been added that automatically creates the ODBC connection for you.  I’ve been using this feature with my GP 10 updates and installations.  Once an ODBC connection is created, it really doesn’t require any more attention, so I was content seeing ‘Dynamics GP’ show up in the Server dropdown list when logging into GP.

Imagine my surprise, when I went to check up on this connection and it wasn’t where I expected it to be (Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC) | System DSN tab.  There was absolutely nothing in the list!  It seemed odd that GP was working at all!

Not a biggie – I can create a connection in my sleep – so I created a new one, and gave it a name of GP, and then verify that it tested successfully.  Surprise #2 – my new ODBC connection does not show in the Server drop-down when I launch GP!

So here’s the punch line.  Even though GP runs perfectly fine on a 64-bit machine, it still requires a 32-bit ODBC connection!  What displays by default with a 64-machine is the 64-bit ODBC tool.  It takes a few extra steps to get to the 32-bit version.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to find C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Odbcad32.exe
  2. Right-click | Send To | Desktop (Create Shortcut)

At this point, you can rename the desktop shortcut and then even copy it to the Administrative folder to sit alongside its 64-bit brother.

Once I launched the 32-bit ODBC Connections, I saw the connection created by the GP installation, and the world returned to its normal clarity.

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