Cutting back your accounting department? Optimize your productivity through automation!

Robert Half, a staffing company, recently polled 1400 U.S. CFOs.  Only 5% said that they expected to hire full time accounting staff in the third quarter of 2009. On the other hand, 8% anticipate personnel reductions.

The best way to deal with increased demands on the accounting department without an increased staff is to increase the productivity of the finance staff.

An Ohio ERP system, like Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Ohio Microsoft Great Plains) or Sage MAS 500, lets you automate and standardize many reoccurring tasks, so they can take place more consistently and reliably without draining your resources.

Automating business processes allows people to focus on productive tasks and less on repetitive busy work resulting in:

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy by implementing workflows
  • A focus on what matters most
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Flexible and powerful budget management
  • Greater customer and supplier loyalty

Plus, because Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP works like and with other Microsoft tools that your people are familiar with, the training and integration time is quick. It’s designed for real people in business roles, making it easy for employees to perform tasks, find information, and access reports to be productive.