2 Ways to Ensure Analytics Adoption and BI ROI

Discover Socius Analytics Dashboards to help you achieve better analytics adoption and BI ROI by following 2 of our methods.

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    In business, the integration of new policies, government regulations, and the increased need for the adoption of advanced data-driven analytics can present competitive and management challenges.

    Unfortunately, far too many Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives fail regardless of industry because management doesn’t take time to measure the right things. They also fail to provide the correct information to the appropriate management levels, department heads and staff. In addition to only using partial data, senior and middle management have a tendency to avoid establishing comprehensive policies for the use of BI on a daily basis.

    Research also shows that BI users are not a happy lot because they can’t access all of the robust data they need. They struggle to overcome data silos and convoluted data warehouses in attempts to track down and obtain the correct information. Too many systems do not facilitate user discovery of pertinent information.

    Not only do users only need access, they need timely access for mission critical delivery.  It’s evident that users are eager for the ability to generate just- in-time insights upon demand. The Best-in- Class organizations have invested in the right technology to reduce user discontent and make just-in-time insight possible. They recognize that an unhappy workforce is far from ideal.

    Additionally, over one third of users who are not employed by Best-in-Class organizations are very dissatisfied with the relevance of their analytical capabilities in relationship to their job role and expectations from management.

    Bottom Line Solutions

    The following insights, backed by intensive research, lay the groundwork to drive superior performance in a timely manner:

    “Solid data and the ability to engage it are the lifeblood of the analytical sales organization. (Those) that achieve pervasive analytics in sales have specific structures, processes and policies in place to foster user engagement with data.” – Aberdeen Research

    By reviewing the performance records of Best-in-Class organizations, insights reveal actionable practices and cutting edge solutions that can be successfully adopted throughout the entire organization instead of only in IT. Another advantage is that these insights can be applied to a variety of business models regardless of industry.

    Examine Your Market Share 

    Ignore this entire subject at your own peril, but if you choose to do so, don’t be the least bit surprised if your organization starts to lose market share, or even worse. This investment of Analytics Adoption and Business Intelligence (BI) ROI will continue to define the future.

    Here’s Where You Need To Be

    Aberdeen’s research reveals that deploying a cloud data hub and empowering self-sufficient users are Best-in-Class practices. Aberdeen discovered that self-service reverses the dissatisfied user struggle. Organizations with cloud BI and high levels of self- service employ over 77% more satisfied users per capita who are very pleased with the ease-of-use of their analytical tools. Self-service tools designed for non-technical users facilitate regular engagement and rapid insight.

    The winning combo is the cloud and self-service analytics to help ensure user adoption and an ROI on BI projects. Are you on-board?

    Discover Socius Analytics Dashboards to help you achieve better analytics adoption and BI ROI:

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