Accelerate Your Journey to Next – Aspire18 Dallas

May 9, 2018  (Microsoft office, 7000 State Highway 161, Irving)

For more than 10 years, Aspire has provided knowledge and insights to thousands of business leaders with a single purpose—to empower our clients to go from “what is” to “what’s possible.” We believe there’s value in coming together for a day of learning, networking and discovering.

Aspire18 will be bigger and better than ever. It’s the place to gain the knowledge and tools you need to be aggressively productive and successful.

Come join your peers, subject matter experts and Velosio team members for an info-packed day of sessions covering cloud technology, Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, CRM, business intelligence and much more. Visit the Expo to talk with solution providers face to face. Plus, there will be great food and prize giveaways. And if you need CPE credits, you’ll earn those too.

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Aspire18 Dallas
Sessions for Learning and Discovering

Progress requires navigation and acceleration. We’re constantly trying to pick up the pace and arrive at next before our competition does. Aspire18 sessions are designed to give you a look into what’s possible and help you craft the best path to productivity, and maybe even market disruption. Pick your path and get moving.

Opening Keynote

Move to Modern: Your Plan, Your Cloud, Your Transformation

When deciding the direction and pace to move your organization to the cloud, it starts with understanding your options. In this session we’ll provide an overview of the latest cloud technology trends and guidance on developing a solid cloud plan that will allow your organization to accelerate the speed of doing business. You’ll also hear how other Velosio clients are leveraging cloud based technologies and solutions to accelerate their Move to Modern.

Session 1

Becoming a More Proactive Data-Driven Organization Starts with These Three Steps (Session 112)

Every company disrupting their market has made data and business intelligence a core competency. You can too! Learn specific steps you can take to leverage your data for valuable insights to be more competitive in your industry. In this session we’ll share real stories and examples of clients who’ve made this a core competency. And, we’ll share the latest reporting and analytics strategies and tools you can use to make this possible.

E-Commerce Trends Dynamics ERP Users Can Leverage to Drive Transformation (led by SanaCommerce) (Session 513)

Do you have opportunities to sell online? Come learn how to easily integrate e-commerce capabilities into your website and Dynamics platform. Sana has built a Dynamics based solution to make e-commerce a strategic and integrated component of your online operations. Come learn how the e-commerce landscape is changing, why companies are taking a single-stack approach to online sales and steps you can take to transform your business and become a leader in the digital economy.

Session 2

Keys to Planning Your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Upgrade (Session 211)

Getting ready to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP system? You won’t want to miss this session! Our Dynamics GP experts will share all the new features in the 2018 release. Learn how the upgrade process works, including important system changes you need to be aware of when you upgrade. We’ll review the steps and also share tools so that you can upgrade without unexpected costs and hassles, and be armed with the information you need.

Dynamics SL Tips & Tricks Plus Popular Add-Ons for Productivity and Automation (Session 213)

Come join one of our most popular sessions to find out what our Dynamics SL experts recommend to simplify routine accounting tasks. Our Dynamics SL team collected the most useful tips and techniques we and our other clients use so you can be more productive! We’ll also share a number of add-on tools to even further your efficiency. We’ll also highlight the Plumbline Proven Solutions built by our own team members.

Lunch Keynote

Expo and Break (open all day)

Session 3

Financials, Budgeting and Forecasting – Solutions Showcase (Session 311)

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions give you the ability to streamline your financial budgeting, forecasting and reporting. It also helps provide analysis and visibility of important operational data. Learn how CPM tools can take you from being reactive to being a strategic business partner across your organization. Take this opportunity to see three solutions go head-to-head, showcasing the strengths of Adaptive Insights, BI 360 and deFacto Planning.

How to Drive Significant Productivity and Collaboration within Your Company (Session 212)

Companies are rapidly moving to Office 365 to better leverage enhanced collaboration, communication tools and system integration. In fact, within the next 12 months, 56% of enterprises and 66% of SMB organizations plan to implement or upgrade to unified communications and collaboration solutions. The tools available within Office 365 to boost productivity have expanded a great deal in just the last year. In this session, you’ll learn how Office 365 enables teams to work from anywhere on any device. And, you’ll see how apps like Teams, Delve, Yammer, Skype for Business, Flow and PowerApps are transforming the way teams work together.

Session 4

NEW ERP – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – What Is It and Who’s It For? (Session 411)

Microsoft just announced the April 2, 2018 release of the new Dynamics 365 Business Central all-in-one business management solution. We’ll give you one of the first looks at this end-to-end cloud solution which connects your financial, sales, service and operations in a single platform! Velosio is one of the first partners providing the solution to companies in North America.

Microsoft Flow, Power Apps and Power BI – What are These Tools and How Can I Use Them to Their Full Potential (Session 412)

This session will demonstrate how Microsoft Flow and Power Apps extend the reach and accessibility of Power BI across your organization. We’ll also explore how Cortana Analytics can give you immediate access to data and trends in your organization. Want others in your company to think of you as the data and insights guru? Come learn how these amazing tools will give you special powers!

Session 5

Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks (Session 511)

Ever feel like there must be a better or faster way to do something in Dynamics GP? Come join one of our most popular sessions to find out what our Dynamics GP experts recommend to increase accuracy, speed up routine tasks, improve access to data, and produce higher quality results. We’ve collected the best practices and tips from our Dynamics GP team and client experiences so you can take specific ideas back to your office and put them to work immediately!

Keys to Planning Your Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 Upgrade (Session 512)

The 2018 release is expected to be a big one, full of new features and capabilities. It’s anticipated that the new release will include technologies tied to Microsoft Flow, Power Apps and Power BI. Dynamics SL users won’t want to miss this session. Make sure you’re ready to upgrade smoothly.

Closing and Prize Giveaway

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